21 May 2012

“cruel miracles over me”


  1. Strange symmetries at play here.
    Those flowers are eerie. Love the vibrant
    colours in the corners of the room.

    As ever,inspiring images Robert.

  2. this all happened, and more, in two old houses on one day.
    i hadn't been in these house for years and they are nearly to the ground now.
    i wonder why "eerie" Jonathon? could it be the other three photographs have something to do with that?
    thank you.

  3. I see the photos as being connected, 4 corners of 1 room.
    I think that that the eerie quality is something to do with
    the white fabric in one corner and the whiteness/greenery against black.
    Funeral-like, maybe. But this is the great thing about your work,
    you can read so many stories in them if you look properly.

    Take care,


  4. Jonathon - i ask because so few do take
    the time and i am curious is all. When i put these
    together i did see the "room" as four corners with
    the wind blowing the curtains through the window on the inside
    and then the flowers on the of the house below
    connected to the outside. plus the bottom panel looked like a flag.
    i just love black, white and red together. i see what you see now.
    even the curtain as a cloth over a coffin even.

    thank you very much for your input Jonathon. this stuff takes
    on a life of its own sometimes when i am working here. i never know
    when i sit down at the screen what will happen.

  5. Exactly so. True creativity, I think, never knowing quite what will happen, surprising ourselves with what we can do.