1 May 2012

emerging man


  1. Talk about creepy. And plurally creepy given it's the emergence of men.

  2. Excellent. Nice title, clever compositions.

    You wonder what story is going on inside the man's head. Where has he come from, where is he going?

    Good work Robert.

  3. Lucy - one could come to a few conclusions with your comment.

    Jonathan - thank you.

  4. Hi, is there a comment missing here? One came through to my inbox which said 'Lucy - i guess there will always be women who dislike men,' so I thought I'd better come back to say there is a misunderstanding. I didn't mean it's creepy because the people emerging are male. I don't dislike men. I was merely turning the singular of the title to the plural in my comment. To me, it would be creepy to have one person emerging from the rock in this way (male or female). I would certainly be frightened if I came across it in 'real life' but to find one person was following another and another and another . . . would it not be disconcerting? To me, there are several strengths in this picture - that it's a powerful image, that it touches on ideas of creation so there are sort of mythological as well as science fiction resonances, and, to me, that it would be frightening if it were anything other than an image. The man emerging is a very 'male' man . . . and that contributes to the impact of the image - it's not like Venus rising from a shell or anything like that. BUT in no way was my comment meant to be whatever the opposite of misogynistic is! Clearly, I should have phrased it differently. I did not mean to cause offence. The idea that it could be interpreted as an anti-men remark never crossed my mind - otherwise I would have done!

  5. P.S. The ghost-like,or shroud-like impression they leave behind in the rock is also part of the frighteningness of the image. It's as if there's something left behind that will follow and 'get' them. I'd be interested to know how you interpret your picture. Maybe you see something completely different that would change my response? It would fascinating to know.
    P.P.S. Have you not noticed from previous comments that I admire your work? Indeed, from time to time I put a link to them on Twitter, so much do they impress.

  6. Lucy - yes i took my response out because i didn't want to seem mean and putting in the one i did left it open for discussion. i did read your comment
    that way though and when i go back again someone still might, maybe, oh hell i don't know now.

    to me this series was about movement, a film in slow motion. i was thinking of Eadweard Muybridge and the first time i saw his work
    how the running man looked through the cycle of a step and of course the running horse where it might have been first discovered that all
    in a moment all four hoofs leave the ground in a gallop.

    and yes Lucy i have noticed your comments, precisely why i took my first response off rethinking, "she couldn't really have meant that!"

  7. Nice body hihihi, great pictures... Well found title that goes with it:)