20 August 2012

"time and towns"

we move
through time
and towns


  1. timeless.

    and yet i moved through this town the other day and it was as though the siding was torn from my side. immediately i knew something was wrong, but not wrong. instead, new. the siding was torn from the front of the old church. why? what are these incredibly slow turning plans? life. they are life.

    i love this series. it represents everyone's travelling.


  2. with time not mine i go back to old images. i remember coming home from the island this day both of us full of the day and there was this beautiful sunset. the colour was amazing but my camera such as it was didn't respond. the images were very dark. when i edited one, the church i saw that i has something there, a series of travel, time. and time since we road together and your time
    and mine now. thank you for seeing me erin. the boys in the garage, my continued search for meaning through photographs.